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Blackberry Curve 8520 Contact name doesn't come up (No caller ID) for incoming calls

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When I get an incoming call, the caller ID Randomly does not show so I have no idea who is calling. People that are calling are in my address book. This is a very annoying problem. I have about 500 contact names saved in my address book but, RANDOMLY, sometimes when I get a call; it only shows the phone number and doesn't display his name. Since I can't remember any phone number, when this happens, I usually have no idea who is calling me, and answer the phone like “Walid Speaking" ends up making fun of me etc...

Confusing the problem even further: this doesn't happen all the time...it appears to happen completely randomly.

My Blackberry is Curve 8520; I updated blackberry desktop software to 5.0.1 which in its turn updated my Blackberry device software to v

SIM Card is provided from Etisalat UAE.

Frankly I faced the same problem with my iPhone and the solution was to change the National Number length to something common between all kind of telephone providers which is 7 digit here in Dubai UAE.

That is because Du carrier has 055 then the phone number, Etisalat carrier has 050 and 056 then the phone number, landlines 04 for Dubai 02 for abu Dhabi, our country code is +971 but between all of that only 7 digits from right the differentiate the landline and mobile phone number.


I did the following changes on my Curve 8520 v and work fine.

  1. Press on green button, or Send, or go to application icon and click on phone.
  2. Click on blackberry button > Options > Smart Dialing > Country Code in my case is UAE +971.
  3. Area code empty
  4. National Number Length: set it up to 7
  5. Save
  6. Phone Options > General Options > Restrict My Identity
  7. Set it up to Network Determined.
  8. Saved and from the home screen
  9. Options > security Options > Encryption > Encryption: set it to Disabled.
  10. Save

It worked for me hope will do the same for you. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more details.

UPDATE 09/06/2010: Enabled Encryption and set include Contacts to NO. worked fine too.




Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 June 2010 12:38