Photo © Myriam Boulos

Walid Nehme was born and raised in a conservative rural village in the south of Lebanon. He moved to Beirut to study communication arts at AUST, to later join the State University of New York (SUNY). While attending university, he worked as a documentary and event photographer on campus, and taught photography at the International College of Beirut (iC) before moving to Dubai to pursue a career in advertising.

Throughout his five years in Dubai, Walid acted as creative director and DOP at MUTEK, an international festival of digital creativity and live electronic music, while also producing video and photographic work for SOMA Culture, a movement and dance practice.

Cultivating his photography practice over many years was fueled in part by the publishing of three of his on-going works, ‘Faraway. So Close’ by Cold Cuts Magazine (Issue #2), ‘Nobody owns the Beach’ at Sharjah Art Foundation – VPS8 collective exhibition (August–November, 2020), and ‘The Consolation’ at Haven for Artists – Molding the Lost Space digital exhibition in collaboration with the Canadian Embassy in Lebanon. Additionally, Walid has also been featured in the French daily print newspaper in Lebanon – L’Orient Le Jour (July 03, 2020), and worked on several commissions with the renowned Berlin-based fashion brand UY Studio (August, 2019).